Product Concepting Computer Aided Design (CAD) Presentation Renderings In House Rapid Prototyping Product Testing Production Drawings Manufacture Market Preparation Product Photography Visual Communication Package Design Installation Manuals

Product Concepting

With a team of qualified and experienced industrial and graphic designers, we take a fresh approach to every new brief. Upon initial briefing, both solution and idea based projects are developed into a concise design brief at the outset of a project. A series of concept proposals is presented during the concept phase to ensure that all parties involved are able to clearly comprehend and visualise the concept and follow its development and evolution into a fully resolved product.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Fusedesign utilise the latest in 3D CAD software to create, develop and also communicate product solutions with both manufacturers and clients. Using specialised software, design concepts can be presented via email as 3 dimensional objects that can be moved and rotated on screen by the viewer.

Presentation Renderings

Using the latest 3D CAM software, we are able to generate photo enhanced images of the product at a very early stage in its development. These images can then be used for the purposes of presentation and further communication.

In House Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping can be ideal for pre-manufacture testing and initial photography prior to a products launch. Fusedesign offer extremely cost competitive rapid prototyping services using our inhouse Spectrum 510 printer capable of printing models up to 254mm x 256mm x 203mm in a single build. Larger models are also easily achieved by joining multiple parts. Our 3DP machine produces high-definition, full-color prototypes quickly and more affordably than any other rapid prototyping process. With instant quotations and fast turn arounds also available for Stereo Lithography, laser cutting and etching and CNC machining, 3D computer files can be generated into accurate physical models often within days.

Product Testing

Fusedesign offer various in-house testing procedures including (FEA) Finite Element Analysis, which can greatly reduce the high costs associated with structural testing of a product concept prior to production.

Production Drawings

‘Tool Ready' production drawings can be generated quickly using the latest CAM software which can then be sent electronically to manufacturers to obtain fast response quotations or ‘Off Tool’ sample feedback.


Through established long term relationships with manufacturers both in Australia and Asia, Fusedesign work directly with factory engineers and toolmakers and can arrange production quotations and also manage projects throughout the tooling phase to ensure the product is manufactured to the highest possible quality standards. For smaller production runs we have access to a full range of local services such as laser cutting, die cutting, spinning, vacuum and silicon moulding, repetition engineering, and gravity and investment casting services.

Market Preparation

Fusedesign offer a range of graphic services to assist in preparing a product for its launch into local and global markets. Promotional material including brochures, e-launches, and product documentation such as technical specifications and installation manuals can all be generated prior to a products launch.

Product Photography

Fusedesign offer a complete digital photography service with an in-house studio that caters for products up to 1.5m2 in size. High resolution images can be supplied on disk in various file formats. ‘Deep Etching’ and Photoshop services are also available.

Visual Communication

Graphic and Multimedia design services are available, and may be developed through direct association with CAD software. Whether it be an e-launch, promotional brochure, advertising material, direct mail, technical presentation, or even identity development and associated stationary, Fusedesign provide a quality service.

Package Design

We believe that package design is a very important part of any products presentation and can greatly impact it's success, especially in a retail environment. Combined with graphic artwork, environmentally responsible transparent PET or cardboard and pulp packaging can be designed to give a product a high visual impact. Freight packaging can also be designed to meet associated transportation requirements.

Installation Manuals

Installation manuals play an important role in ensuring a product is installed correctly and functions as it was intended. Too many products are sold with poor quality installation manuals which can lead to the true potential of a product going unrecognised by the end user. Fusedesign recognise this, and develop high quality, considered installation manuals to ensure a product is installed and operated correctly.