Established in 1999, Fusedesign has firmly established itself as one of Australia’s leading product design consultancies, thriving on new opportunities to design and develop innovative, cost effective and sustainable products with proven commercial success.

Fusedesign offer a range of global services that scope the entire design process from concept to production. Services can be employed at any stage in the development process whether it be to re-style an existing product, optimise a design for manufacture, document a design for production, manage production or to create marketing material for a product launch.

Actively promoting sustainable design principles and technologies, Fusedesign ensure all projects undertaken have minimum possible impact on both local and global environments. It is of paramount importance to us that our work is considerate of tomorrow and the future, explaining why many of our products have achieved both Australian and International environmental accreditation.

Having worked extensively with manufacturers, we understand the importance of getting products to market both cost effectively and quickly. We understand the practicalities required for reliable, quality product manufacture and with 10 years experience are well rehearsed in both local and off shore manufacture.

Combining an intuitive creative process with an extensive knowledge of manufacturing technologies, we ensure all our design projects remain balanced both aesthetically and functionally throughout the designs development. Utilising well established project management protocols, Fusedesign can greatly improve the commercial success of any product, offering high quality, considered and competitive design solutions.

Since its conception, Fusedesign has developed various commercial and retail product solutions for a diverse range of clients including; Clearbox, Cystic Fibrosis NSW, Living Space Studio, NEC, McDonalds Australia, Filament Lighting, Corporate Culture, Thinking Ergonomix, Creative Lighting Solutions, PikeWithers, Yello Sydney, The Adline Group, Debetrek, Furniture Classics, Entertaining Ideas/Worldwide Conference Professionals, Leading Lights, Atdec, and The Research Foundation Institute.

Please contact us today for a free consultation. We look forward to working together to make your product a success.